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Custom labelling machines Learn more about custom labelling machines

Production of custom labelling machines
The benefit of a compact, highly specialised company, such as etibe, is great flexibility. Impossible is not in our vocabulary.

Thanks to the modular design of etibe labelling machines, they can be adapted to a wide variety of applications. If this should not be enough, we will build a genuine custom labelling machine.

Custom labelling machine etibe 10SP

The fully automatic wet glue labelling machine etibe 10SP is developed for crayon, chalk stones, batteries and s.o..

The objects moves over a sloped band conveyor and drop shaft into the machine. A single ended forward converter orders the objects on a roller chain. A photo sensor count every single object and trigger the labelling process. The label box goes into the drop position. Under vacuum remove the unloading cylinder one label out of the box, moves it along the glue cylinder directly to the object. A overhead belt station presses the label on to the object.

The etibe 10SP works as a stand alone machine or as part of a line.

Alternatively to a sloped band conveyor a load magazin with slide can be used. Loading of the magazin by hand.

Technical data

  • Object diameter 8 mm up to 30 mm
  • Objects length up to 120 mm
  • Label length two-part machine: 25 mm up to 100 mm
    four-part machine: 25 mm up to 80 mm
  • Label height 25 mm up to 95 mm
  • Minimum stick height 2 mm
  • Capacity two-part machine: 1.000 – 8.000 labels/h
    four-part machine: 1.000 – 12.000 labels/h
  • Transport length app. 2.000 mm (without conveyor belt inlet and outlet)
  • Transport height app. 780 mm

Customer labelling machine etibe HKM-10 Special

HKM-10 speciality machine with a specialised transport system that ensures accurate loading of the pens.

Custom labelling machine etibe HKM-10 ESPECIAL

HKM-10 speciality machine, application of the label to the can from underneath. Application of the sealing tab using a special spring-mounted pressing roller.

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